Attack is your

best defense

The future of pentesting is here.

Meet Sybil

Sybil: the future of pentesting

We offer Sybil, an AI-driven pentester that makes it possible to find vulnerabilities before an exploit. We are on a mission to automate hacker intuition and drive the speed and cost of vulnerability discovery down to zero.

Your adversaries are trying to figure out how to use AI to increase their efficacy, so why not run Sybil today and find out what you’re up against?

What customers are saying

Trusted by high velocity teams

“We wanted a world-class partner for Turbopuffer’s ongoing pentesting needs, and we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with RunSybil. Quick turnaround, attention to detail, and fun to work with—a partner that will grow with us ❤️🔥”

Simon Eskildsen, CEO, turbopuffer

“RunSybil’s expertise was instrumental in enhancing our security posture, providing us with critical insights for a confident launch.”

Philip Howes, CTO, baseten
From the team that secured:
Core Features

Empower your security strategy

AI-driven pentesting

You can’t protect what you can’t see— discover what you left behind when moving fast and breaking things

Rapid onboarding

Go from 0 to a pentest report within two weeks

Attack replay

Instantly re-test fixes and get to a clean pentest report in hours rather than weeks

Test transparency

See what Sybil finds in real-time instead of waiting for a PDF that nobody reads


Sybil works with your favorite tools

Run Sybil.

We are a small team of alumni from OpenAI, Bishop Fox, Rapid7, and Crowdstrike. We are remote, with a base in San Francisco, and are hiring for those who want to build the future of offensive security.